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    Orchids and fruit crops Tour

    This is a space where visitors walk between natural paths that go through the crops and enjoy the landscape of the area. Once this tour is finished, the guided tour of the nurseries and the main house begins. This is an unparalleled experience that opens the minds of travelers to show them how agricultural production can go hand in hand with preservation and conservation of biodiversity.


    - Approximate 3 hours of guided tour
    - Walk through natural trails
    - Tour of the orchid nurseries, bonsai gardens, among others
    - Visit to the Main House
    - Class about orchids and how to plant them
    - Bilingual guide service (English / Spanish subject to availability
    - Snack
    - Lunch (optional)

    Fee: $115.000 COP per person
    Lunch: $28.000 COP per person
    Duration: 4 hours

    NOTE: All our visitors must make their reservation in advance. Minimum tours with 2 people. We do not remain open to the public. Contact Us

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