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Hotel Finca Romelia in Manizales, Colombia, is a small family-operated hotel and farmhouse. The owners, the Londono Arango family, boast over 6,000 orchidplants and a hundred species of bird on their land.

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Finca Romelia registered under national tourism registry No. 36030, does not support the illegal trade of species of flora and fauna, respects and promotes the conservation of our biodiversity, in accordance with Act 17 of 1981 to prevent, punish, and reject any act that mistreats and attempt against the life of the species of the country and Act 1333 of 2009 to avoid the continuation or realization of actions against the environment. We reject exploitation, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual abuse of minors. They contribute to the enforcement of Act 679 of 200. We agree with Act 63 of 1986 that approves the treaty for the prohibition of the importation, exportation and illegal transfer of cultural assets.

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